custom stained glass window

History Of Custom Stained Glass

Whether it’s a custom stained glass and how at first that can be called with custom stained glass? This must have been a question mark for you all. Those all certainly have its history. Therefore, in this article will be discussed clearly about the history of custom stained glass. Custom stained glass began to be used in large churches in the 12th century in Europe. But at the time it […]

stained glass cross suncatcher

Applying Stained Glass Cross

For those of you who want to apply stained glass cross in your home, then you must first determines what types of stained glass cross so that you can choose to either like what stained glass cross that you will apply on your home. As we know stained glass cross can beautify your house decoration, for that choosing a right design and style of it will certainly make your decoration […]

meyda tiffany stained glass

Tiffany Stained Glass; History Legacy

Tiffany stained glass is a brand tiffany stained glass were first made by a man named Louis Comfort Tiffany who is the son of Charles Lewis Tiffany, who was a founder of Tiffany company that has been successful in business tiffany stained glass. Knowing the life of Tiffany is certainly not easy to get success because he has tried hard and finally succeeded in developing the company tiffany stained glass. […]

antique stained glass panels

Making Creative Design Of Stained Glass Panels

When it comes to church, you will surely be amazed by the beauty of the architecture of the building. One of the things that contribute to the beauty of the church building is stained glass panels are placed on each side of the window. Images are engraved on the stained glass is a work of art combining the religious and nature elements. A beautiful pattern as it is not possible […]

tips simple stained glass patterns

Making Simple Stained Glass Patterns For Beginners

Stained glass is usually applied on door or window. Types of stained glass are made by adding metal elements. Typically, you will see the installation of the stained glass like this in the architecture or the building such as a church, or a private residence. Various patterns in the stained glass are shown in the door, wall, or window. People can create the pattern with simple to intricate patterns. For […]